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Tips to Lead a Healthier Life

When you start a new year, you want to start it on the right foot, with a resolution to become a healthier version of yourself. If you are one of those people who are taking charge of their lives and are striving towards the goal of eating and living better, you’re very lucky. And that’s not us mocking your motives or attempts. We say that because today there is no shortage of all the gadgets, monitors and applications that truly facilitate your transition into a healthy life.

There are all kinds of tools that make it so convenient and considerably easier to eat better and make healthy food choices than before. Here’s a list of the top kitchen aids and gadgets that help achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals.

The Magic Bullet Blender

The Magic Bullet Blender is the blender of your dreams – and the best way to jumpstart your health kick. Small in size, handy and very convenient to store and clean the gadget is a must in any healthy kitche

n. For ahealthy breakfast smoothie try the following recipe:

·       ½ cup frozen raspberries

·       ½ cup frozen strawberries

·       ½ cup frozen pitted cherries

·       ¾ cup of Almond milk

·       1.5 Tablespoon Honey

·       0.5 Teaspoon Flax Seeds

·       0.5 Teaspoon Chia Seeds

·       1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice

·       Honey (to Taste)

Just dump everything together in your Magic Bullet Blender and blitz it up to enjoy a power-packed smoothie.

Kitchen Active Spiralizer

Another fantastic gadget that makes eating healthy so much easier is the Kitchen Active Spiralizer. A hand-held device it allows you to quickly spiralize all your favorite veggies just in time to cook up a healthy noodle dish. Skip the carb-filled noodles and opt for Zoodles instead with this thing.

Gluten Free Digital Bread Maker


Ah, a particular crowd favorite, the Gluten Free Digital Break Maker. This device is a fantastic addition to your kitchen. The bread makers allows you to make your favorite bread, exactly how you like it thanks to the 17 different setting available on it. The bread you end up with is Gluten free, nutritious, homemade, and most of all, fresh and healthy. You can’t go wrong.

Dash Greek Yogurt Maker

Greek yogurts are a staple in any healthy household; however, it’s slightly difficult to justify the steep price-point of the store-bought ones no matter how healthy they are. So what better way to get your Greek yogurt fix without breaking the bank? By investing in the Dash Greek Yogurt Maker, of course. You can make yummy protein-rich batches of Greek Yogurt right at home and easily customize them to suit your dietary needs.

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